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If you don’t have legal immigration status, then immigration reform is very important to your future. New immigration laws can get you a U.S. driver’s license, a social security number, and may allow you to enroll in U.S. colleges and universities. Future immigration reform may even allow undocumented immigrants to get Green Cards. The immigration attorneys at M.C. Law Group can help you benefit from immigration reform.  The upcoming reform will require immigration reform lawyers with skills and ability to handle complex immigration matters.

If you want to know how new immigration reforms can benefit you, call the qualified attorneys at M.C. Law Group today. Based in Fairfield, Connecticut — with additional satellite offices in Stamford, Ridgefield, Norwalk, Hartford, Waterbury, and Danbury — M.C. Law Group’s knowledgeable attorneys can answer all your questions about immigration reform.

At M.C. Law Group, our lawyers are experienced in finding immigration solutions for undocumented individuals. Our attorneys will use the latest immigration laws to your advantage, and will explain how immigration reforms can benefit you. Our attorneys support comprehensive immigration reform, and Attorney Alex Meyerovich recently met with Senator Richard Blumenthal to advocate for the passage of the full DREAM Act.

You’re leaving your future to chance if you don’t discuss your options with an immigration attorney. If you live and work illegally in the U.S., you risk being detained and deported by immigration enforcement. You may be eligible for benefits under immigration reforms that can secure your future. Don’t leave your life to chance and risk being deported. Call the experienced attorneys at M.C. Law Group today.

To schedule an appointment or speak with an attorney for a FREE telephonic case evaluation, please contact our office at (203) 680-3260, or email us at info@uslegalvisa.com. Our Fairfield office is located at 2 Post Road, Fairfield, CT 06824. Our Ridgefield office is located at 440 Main Street, on the second floor, in Ridgefield, Connecticut..